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The Paradox of Awareness


Awareness is unique in each of us.

In awareness, there is an expansion

Of horizons of understanding

Of potential possibilities.

Yet, awareness is also about subtlety

Of understanding and of approach,

Of what is beyond bounds.

An ability to keenly discern

What is better left unsaid.

Paradoxical truth of awareness —

Awareness is both the reason

For the light of wisdom

And the despair of knowing.

Awareness raises the bar

Of comprehension by nature.

What’s important is not tilting

The balance by one’s own doing

When awareness makes us most vulnerable

To commit the very error

That we may learn to steer away from.

Such is the paradox of awareness.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “The Paradox of Awareness

  1. This is an important observation
    I will learn it well

    Thank you Savvy Raj

    Liked by 2 people

  2. First of All such a Pleasure
    Dropping by to See All the
    Wisdom You Deliver Free Savvy

    So True For Whatever Meditative

    Flow We Do to Become Mindfully

    Aware in Regulating Emotions From

    Head to Toe As Synergy of Senses Do Create…

    Hehe.. And this is why

    i Never Get



    And i get to Think

    Before i say something

    Mean When Offended

    That May Be Just a Misunderstanding

    On My Part as Seeing Red Does Not

    Help Reasoning Abilities Unless

    Of Course It is a Fight

    Or Flight Situation

    That Requires

    That Boost

    Of Adrenaline to

    Do Just That Fight or Flight

    Immediately… Yet So Nice to only Reserve

    That Potential For Potential Dark Occasions

    Hehe.. i Can’t Talk My Wife Into Meditation

    And It’s A Good Thing She Doesn’t Drive

    As i Stay Road Rage Calm And She Turns Red Hot All Over Hehe

    And Yeah, Waiting in Traffic.. i often Say Isn’t IT ALL Bliss Just Sitting Here now

    As Of Course With Enough Bio-Feed of Flowing Moving Meditation

    The Will
    Is Always


    To Generate

    Our Own Bliss

    As Easy As Slowly

    Raising An Arm With Wings..

    You Probably Understand what

    That Feels Like as a Life Long Dancer

    Many Folks Have No Clue It’s Possible

    Like Telling Any Tension Headache to Go


    In Mindfully

    Aware Body

    Talk With No Words At All…

    The Force, The Tao, As Yoda

    Relates and the Young Version

    ‘The Child’ Just Naturally does with No Words at all..:)

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