Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

Amazing That’s What U Are


To see one another through, beyond the strife,

Let’s care to empower the inner spirit in every little way we can.

Uniting all in the strength of the interconnects

That run common in this thread of life.

Savvy Raj

Member International Dance Council UNESCO

#Motivation #Self-Esteem #Strength #Dignity #Life #Empowerment

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “Amazing That’s What U Are

  1. Your words are so beautiful and empowering in themselves. Thank YOU! 💛

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  2. oh, yes…I feel the energy, the possibility of the One glowing in me, pulsing into delighted being, as I affirm the same forall…All dancing in compatible rhythm with one another, in the One…Blessings and love to you, my sweet Savvy… *smiling heart* *butterflies dancing over sprouting daffodils*

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