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 Dancing:  Enriching life and living.




The trick is in the integration of such artistic  pursuits into our everyday lives ,as most of us  carry on with our life with little or no time to spare for a little self enrichment. 

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

12 thoughts on “ Dancing:  Enriching life and living.

  1. Such beautiful words, Savvy and to dance to freedom is so lovely. Loved the perfect picture too.

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  2. Love this! Reminds me of the Blessed Unrest letter by Martha Graham. And an awesome picture too.

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    • The queer divine dissatisfaction in our unique expressions that keeps you moving! … Truly an honour…. thank you very much for the lovely reminder.😊

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    • Just that I would think that these lines meant much more … of the spaces between the steps that triggers the movement
      Of the little joys and sorrows sensed along the way that make all the difference
      Of daring to do and undo
      Of solitude in the stillness before taking a step
      All bundled in the state of things
      Of emotions and feelings
      So uniquely and unparalleled
      That we can all choose
      To know and sense
      For between the satisfaction and disatisfaction in creativity
      Is the blessed state of our being.
      Thank you again ….

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  3. Wow, yes! Those lines too! Did you just come up with them?

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  4. Amazing! 👏 How valuable each step really is. Much gratitude to you as well

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  5. Thank you! And have a blessed year as well!

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