Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

Be happy


How important is it to be happy to you?

How do you find happiness?

How important is it to choose the people you want spend your life with?

Can you be happy with someone only you love?

Or can you be happy with someone who loves you more than you?

It’s a choice that rests with you, as to what you choose to do.

Stay on hoping they will love you back someday, someway

Or choose to work on yourself and become a happy person.

It’s all within you!

And you can choose to be happy.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “Be happy

  1. Happiness Embracing Every Face Namaste

    of God All the Winged And Furry Creatures

    Even Less Than A Grain of Sand Same

    As Milky Way HoMe All

    Around SMiLes

    Dear Savvy

    i Verily Will Never

    Be able to Control Anyone
    Else’s Feelings and Thoughts About

    me Yet What i Can And Will Do Is Rise

    in LoVE iN Peace More my Entire Life

    Till the Last Blink Of Holy Dance And

    Sacred Song Coming From the SoUL

    Of Integrity Mind and Body Whole

    SPRinGinG From A SPiRiT oF

    HeART Remaining OPeN

    Through THoRNS

    And FLoWeRS

    Same as Both

    Make More Colorful Roses

    GRoWinG in Depths of Whatever

    Fertilizers Work Best With SMiLes

    Happy Mother’s Day to A Wonderful

    Human Soul and to Your Mother of Course

    Too Bringing A Gift of You into The World So Happy

    to Meet
    And Greet
    You Yes Each

    Day Namaste
    DeaR FRiEnD With SMiLEs..:)

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