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All is one & one is all

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Truths of life

Keep the whole of you happy

Every cell of your being

Acknowledge your entire being

And sense the interconnects

Of every beating heart

All is one and one is all.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “All is one & one is all

  1. “All is one and one is All”

    Reflections of Existence All

    Indeed Dear Savvy Mirror

    Into The All Above So Below

    Within Inside Outside

    All Around

    Fractals of

    All is one and one is All
    As Truly Even Science Shows
    Iron From SuperNova Explosions
    Death In Crucible Fire of Stars Resurrecting

    Star FLoWeR Seeds

    Yes Gaseous Dust

    Us Iron From Stars

    in Core of Mother

    Earth Carrying Oxygen
    In Our Blood Streams For

    HeART Beats of Life Tiny Microbes
    Creating the Ozone Layer For Us to

    BREaTHE Piano Vocal Chords Emotional STRinGS

    HeART Beats Percussion Piano Hammers BRinG

    Extending Our Feelings And Senses in Synergies of Emotional

    Energies Vibrations
    Frequencies CoLoRinG
    More Changing Structures

    Yes Of Our Mind Body SoUL

    BaLaNCinG Naked Enough Whole

    New Colors FLoWeRS UNFoLDinG

    All Of Existence Evolving Us We ALL

    And All Of ‘Them’ Too Ocean Whole Flow New Now
    Waves Water Fields Waves Particles All Complete

    And At Highest Levels

    Love Will Connect

    Us All in Peace

    oF FRiEnDS

    With Gravity As

    Our Orbiting Souls

    MoVE iN Effortless Ease

    Evolving Souls Human
    Potentials CoLoRinG More…:)


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