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Cos every day is fathers day!


On my Dad’s 80th Birthday…

To the man who taught me ….
To step up to this world with a smile in my heart .

To dance is to have no worries
To live is to be alive to this moment and most of all…
To care to waltz with life joyfully in Gratitude.

Happy Father’s Day Dearest Dad My Dance Guru… May I have this dance with you .?



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

13 thoughts on “Cos every day is fathers day!

  1. Happy birthday to your dear dad dear Savvy 🤗❤️💐

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  2. This is so lovely Savvy Raj
    Happy 80th Birthday, Sir

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  3. SMiLes Dear Savvy
    What Sweet Birthday
    Wishes For Your Dancing
    Daddy With
    Dance Guru too
    i Surely Am Glad
    He Brings This Dance

    Of You
    With SMiLes
    Happy Birthday
    Indeed to Him and
    Many More with SMiLes


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  4. 80 years, how lovely… Wishing him only the best,

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