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It was three o’clock in the night. The eyes of wife opened with a knock.

She saw four dacoits pointing a pistol at her. They had tied the husband and locked the children in the drawing room.

After searching all the shelves, a good amount of cash was recovered and jewelery was also found.

Then a dacoit said, “Where is the 1.5 lakh iPhone that your brother had sent from America ? And where’s the necklace that your husband had gifted you on anniversary day ? Handover same immediately or else I will shoot.”

The wife handed over all the things out of fear and then asked in amazement, “But brother, how do you know all this ?”

“Hey, we are your Facebook friends…we regularly read all your posts. Well, if you have any leftover delicious pudding you made in the morning, then serve that too.”

😃 😂 🤣 😜

Mutual Friends are subject to Market Risk….Please check all the IDs carefully before accepting Friend Requests..!!

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “Checks

  1. Yes Dear Savvy

    i’m Practically ALL OVeR

    The Internet And Every WHere

    Around the Local Metro Area

    Dancing And

    my Breath

    Yet i Never

    Share my

    Sir Name

    And Always

    Keep my Location

    Secret this Way

    By Real Name

    i Practically Don’t Even Exist
    And It’s Very Amusing Named
    Living Legend And Famous by the
    Metro Audience for a Free Dance
    of 15,588 Miles in 98 Months Never
    Saying A Word The Whole Way Through
    With Empty Pockets Never Earning a Penny…

    Without A Name Other than “There
    He is the Dancing Guy” Who Brings
    Smiles to everyone Capable of

    Smiling at Least hehe Yes

    There is No


    By Name

    With Fortune

    And Fame Rich i am

    Naked Complete Whole

    Enough From Birth of

    Womb Suckling Mother’s

    Breast of Faith As Love Still
    Breathes me



    Now Loving Still Free..:)


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