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The way we say it…


Communication is a two way street

On speaking the listener hears

Interprets and responds

But often words used can mar the flow,

Of the conversation in no time .

Especially so when communicating with children and teenagers.

A few things to take into account…

Speak as you would like to be spoken to

Speak clearly with confidence & certainty

Speak to convey the message than try to control.

Speak using positively affirming words.

Speak politely and avoid sarcasm.

Speak with empathy and avoid criticism.

A child hears and understands the tone of your voice well.

Keep it balanced as far as possible

Use it well to convey the messsge without yelling.

And most of all

Speak with words that appreciate than admonish.

Makes all the difference.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

6 thoughts on “The way we say it…

  1. Agree Savvy. Some time back I read that parents use “Don’t” at the beginning of a sentence for nearly 50 percent of the time while communicating with their children. That I feel is really detrimental to a child positive development.

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    • Yes as parents we may all have made mistakes in trial and errors of parenting. At times realising a little later that perhaps our choice of words and tone could have been better . It takes a bit of mindful awareness and that always is a work in progress!. Of course there is no sure fire method that works in all cases, but speaking positively as often and as much as possible, gradually does change the way the child responds back .
      Thank you Radhika for adding your insights and reflections on this, actually, I am not too comfortable using the word ‘Dont’ myself while writing as I feel it is too reprimending or authoritarian to me as I read it.. so would always prefer a better word.
      Wishing you a lovely day !🙂

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      • Over the years, parenting my kids and watching other mothers, I too have realized that “don’t” deflates their tiny heart. Parenting today has undergone a sea change from how our parents brought us up. Today we need to speak positively, empathize with them, give them responsibility, reward them for job well done. We need to use a lot of tact in raising them to be grounded and strong individuals. Parenting today is complex and challenging yet a very exhilarating experience!

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  2. yes…speak from the heart, the truth, what you wish to be heard, with respect for the child/teen, without judgment, or fear of judgment…and you will be heard. Blessings and love, Savvy!

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    • I think the best way is always the way of the heart, for heart consciousness paves the path of love and truth without fear or favour. Thank you for mentioning this dear Joan. Much love and blessings as well.


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