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Shades of Milk.


What are your immediate thoughts

On the above picture?

I am not a milk consumer, but at home, everyone loves plenty of yoghurts to go along with food. In fact, it is considered to be appropriate for digestion, and as Indians, we often tend to finish the meal with some buttermilk.

For the past few weeks the milk we would curdle to make homemade yoghurt became increasingly slimy, to say the least. The brand I was buying is one of India’s biggest and well known. I have often read about adulterated milk and it’s implications on health and wellbeing but somehow never got down to testing the milk itself.

Recently I came across a Milk testing kit and I decided to check it out myself. It is easily available once I began to check out for it … I truly wonder why I didn’t ever think of doing this ever before.

Although there are just too many milk adulterations in the market today … this particular kit listed the few rampant ones.

Found the kit very user-friendly and it was having four parameters to check the milk on for example.

On the Milk Quality

On the Urea Content

On the Starch Content

On the Soap/ Detergent Content

As suggested the vials were duly filled with the milk and in just a matter of minutes the truth was staring at us!

Here is what the colours indicate.

Blue …. poor quality /no milk content

Sediments urea

Yellow …. starch

Yellow …. pulverised soap

So it was nothing but a concoction of chemicals.

In leaving the milk in the vials for a while after the results came through… at the time of cleaning the kits I was aghast to find that the strip in urea check container was truly stripped out… in fact, there were only a few bits of the strip left it was eaten away literally ….uric acid perhaps!

Wonder what’s happening to our insides!!!

Essentially it was no surprise that what we were consuming was not milk at all.

We have stopped buying milk from this vendor. But as I also read recently almost 65% and more of Indian milk consumption is adulterated.

Here is a video that I received as a forward on Social media. Take a moment although I must add the clip is recorded in Hindi it speaks for itself.

This is just one of the sad reality of our times.

Knowing that a majority of Indians have grown up with the belief that milk is good for health…

What are we actually feeding children?

Who is going to punish the culprits?

Do share if you have had a similar experience…

I would be keen to understand how we can tackle and overcome the rampant milk and food adulteration.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

12 thoughts on “Shades of Milk.

  1. Good post to think on. We face this problem more than decades in HK its a trouble with Milk and Infant milk powder issues are really distress. God knows when the human stop cheating other with edible products… May be god also have no answer………. Sad reality

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  2. Thank you my friend for sharing about the these issues in Hong Kong as well . The sad truth is the rampant adulteration is not just restricted to milk products , it in fact has infiltrated almost all products we consume.


  3. Adulteration is a devious evil consming the food industry since many years. I have seen such articles and newsd regarding milk many years back in India and keep reading such things in the news from all around the world. Now-a-days its hard to know if we are eating an actual vegetable or just a chemically modified substance (even genetically modified crops are a privilege to have compared to these artificial products) which causes . This seems like a problem with no immediate solution. The only thing I can think of, is home-grown vegetables, crops and milk from home-fed cows (which is hypothetical as it needs a lot of time – which is very rare in today’s life). So, back to ground zero with no plausible solution. However, thankyou so much Savvy for addressing this issue, hope more people get aware about these things and the food industry brings about some healthier revolution before its too late.

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    • Yes indeed. Thank you for your valuable reflections here .This problem is certainly not new and I have also read many articles voicing their concerns in India about adulterated milk and other food products . And like you mention the truth is that it is an enormous problem that seems to have no immediate solutions.
      Just that in creating greater awareness about food adulterations to modified crops to even radiation hazards we can hope to spread the need for implementing grassroot change.
      Educating the masses that turning a blind eye is not the answer and that awareness also needs to be followed by intervention that each can bring about in their personal capacity. Thankfully these milk testing kits are available at a nominal cost and hence are within consumers reach if they would like to take time out to test.
      Likewise in developing more easily available checks for other products that we as consumers can choose to buy we are slowly creating a need for accountability and necessity for responsibility in businesses.
      Like the saying goes prevention is better than cure.


  4. Very upsetting for you! Hope you find some brand which is pure!

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    • Thank you Sadje. There are many players in the market and the truth is more or less manipulated using the gimmicks of advertising and branding. So it is simply a case of the proof is in the pudding… for most of us. For as long as it smells and tastes like good milk hopefully it must be good quality. Thank you for the thoughtful message. 😊

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  5. Very insightful and glaringly dangerous phenomenon Savvy. I would recommend that with the factual proof that you have with you, you should immediately approach the Consumer Protection Cell and shoot a letter to the company too. There is a possibility that the higher ups may not be even aware of this kind of adulteration happening right under their nose as they are busy with their numbers.

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    • Thank you Ashok for your insights. The truth is glaring indeed! The milk mafia is bigger than we can imagine
      Even if every deceived consumer takes a moment and creates awareness and stops buying such products …a change can begin.


  6. wow!

    i eat goat milk yogurt each day.

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