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A sensing in the tasting .


 I sip the tea in front of me . I sense the taste engulfing my mouth  proactively therefore the tea is to me a certainity  but the tea is simply a matter , an ingredient dissolved in a concotion passing on the many stages of creation to purpose to  dissolution and therefore so are we  like the tea ourselves to a more evolved species or beings, that we may yet in time encounter .. are we all not connected matter to matter energy to energy  as frequencies  in the finite and the infinite of the interbeing in form and purpose. 

And yet we think of  ourselves so absolutely,  so certain of our ingrained ways …and assume much significance through the mask of self importance.  Just perhaps we also must try to sense a bit more and consider in seeing ourselves and others just like beings at different stages like the tea , each special and relevant in its own way to the whole,  whatever the shape or form.  For like unbrewed to the brewed tea  from tender leaves that are easily blendable, and adaptable  to the mature leave strengthened of flavour of experience of life and living , each evolving in the spaces between the certainity and  uncertainity of life and living …. all in that one sip itself ! 

Just transitions of thoughts 

Of the tree of life 

Of leaves in the being 

From human to tea 

Leaving much to imagination 

In the sensing .

For nothing is insignificant 

When each evolves in time 

To fulfill  its purpose of being .


Haha! I know this is crazy… coming from a non tea drinker but just had to share as  …all came from just a sip of this fresh hot tea on a cold winters day!😊


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “A sensing in the tasting .

  1. I like your though;, like beings at different stages like the tea, each special and relevant. I kind of use that idea for my friends. If I just want to go to a bar for a few beers, watch a sporting on the tv, and just relax I all friend A. Now a clinic discussing the balancing of the equine foot, call friend B……etc. I think you get my point. Us old guys are guilty of some senility don’t you know. LOL Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. First of all thank you for sharing this it gives me the strength of support as I was till now still swimming among the bits of reflections that swirled from the sip of tea. Like I said as I am no regular tea drinker so when these thoughts sprung up … I just decided to jot it down… And quite like you I guess we all have our different sets of friends, each unique for who they are as themselves and how we relate to each other. Infact that I suppose is a brilliant plan and helps in more deeper and impactful connections rather than a cacophony…. So here’s to more such meaningful camaraderie.


  3. Beautiful thoughts, Savvy and loved the analogy of tea and our life and yes so many things go in making animate and inanimate beings and that is what we all are with our happiness and sadness and all that goes to make a human. Thanks for the awesome share.

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