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Bridge of learning

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There is great wisdom

In the bridge of learning

Every move in our life

Is a prequel in the journey

Of living life in every now

A journey of learning

Has many moves

From exploration to action

From action to understanding

We learn from mistakes

From our own foibles

As much as others

There is a great many steps

To bridge the journey

Of our learnings in the living.

How much wisdom we imbibe

Is all in our intention

To apply the learnings

From our experiences

And understand some more.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Bridge of learning

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy Every
    Miss-Step And Miss-Word

    Leads to A Potential Brand
    New World of Creativity

    in Free

    Dance and Song

    Every Fall Will Naturally

    Create A New Way or RiSinG

    And Staying in Balance More

    True the Other Animals Don’t

    Get to Go to the Doctor or Hospital

    in the Wild A Fall and Broken Leg May

    Mean the End of
    A World to them

    A Wasted Calorie

    Out of Gracefully Moving

    in Balance May Be a Doorway

    to Starvation As Well With No Returning

    Mindful Awareness on More Than Just Words

    Mindful Awareness in All that Moves Us Connects

    Us Co-Creates Us From Head to Toe And So Much More

    Yes All that is Existence As Wherever Balance Comes We

    Are in the Center of The UNiVeRSE And So Much More

    Unless We Limit Our Existence Newly Now to Only Time
    And A

    With Things

    A Larger Place

    Than Yes Clock Hands

    Without the River of Time

    That Flows Free Beyond

    The Much Narrower


    of Our Minds

    Consisting of Around

    Half of A Percent of All of What

    Total Mind and Body Whole Awareness

    Does Consist of an So Much RiSinG to

    The Surface of This Ocean Being

    Below No Longer Trapped

    on Only The Surface of

    The Ocean or

    Far Below

    Just A Never Ending
    Changing Dance And
    Song Free in all We Do

    So Many Doorways Still to
    Open and Explore So Many

    More Openings Than Only Material Form Brings..:)


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