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On learning


Our education leaves much room for improvement.

But consider these questions for a moment…

Why do you learn what you learn?

Ideally you learn because you are curious to know more and not because you have to finish a degree.

What is the reason for the learning?

Earlier at least in India the aspirations of parents were the reason of choice of what the course of learning would be . The options were limited and no one bothered to check whether the education even resonated with the learners.

How does it make you feel?

Have seen many sensing disconnect as they are pursuing careers in fields which have no connection with their earlier Education.

What way do you apply or use your learnings?

Often most of our prevalent education systems seems very transactional with marks and percentages with the purpose having no significance.

However degrees become meaningless if you do not use your learnings to make a positive difference.

Personally speaking

I believe to learn is to share and to share is to learn some more.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “On learning

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy Some Folks Enjoy Working With
    Things (All Tools We Create And Use) And Others

    More With The Human Connection That Inspires

    Us to Move
    And Co-Create More

    For me At Least Top of the
    Class Grades Meant to mY
    Father’s Side of the Family

    i Should Go Out in the Business
    Field and Make Huge Sums of Money

    Yet For me i Was Raised More on People

    Peace And Love Than Money and Stuff

    Finding Ways to Generate Happiness

    Within More Detached From the

    Pursuit of Money And Things

    Only Than Most Anyone

    i Knew in my Life

    As Again it Makes
    A Huge Difference
    Having the Advantage
    to Generate One’s Own
    Happiness Within As When
    Humans Are Empty in the Fill
    of Feelings And Senses That Create
    Emotional And Sensory Contentment

    They Are Surely Easier to Master, Subjugate,
    And Control Than Those Looking For External
    Goods And Money to Fill Their Feelings and Senses
    For Joy of Living Up Or Perhaps Just Barely Surviving

    In Terms Money And Stuff Yet Never The Less Yes Still
    Finding Keys Within to Open New Doors of Human Potential

    iN LoVE iN Peace
    Peace In LoVE MoRE..:)

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