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A perspective shift


Exclusion Culture

They bring nine chairs for ten children, and they tell the children that the winner is the one who gets the chair, and whoever remains without a chair is out of the game.
Then they reduce the number of chairs each time and a child comes out every time
Until one child remains and he is declared the winner
The child learns the culture of “Myself, myself, and in order to succeed, I must remove others.”

And in Japanese kindergartens, they play the game of chairs too
And they also come with nine chairs for ten kids, with a difference.
That they tell the children that you have more chairs
If one of you remain without a chair, everyone loses
All the children try to hug each other
So that ten children can sit on nine chairs
And then they reduce the number of chairs successively
With the rule remaining that they must make sure that no one remains without a chair, or else they will all lose
The child learns culture
“I cannot succeed without the help of others to succeed”

From Exclusion to Inculsion


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “A perspective shift

  1. Goodness Dear Savvy Indeed
    You Describe An Aspect of
    American Culture That
    Starts Early
    Chairs for Those
    Who Are Different
    To Have A Seat to Sit
    Together to Even Eat

    True my Wife Spit on By the
    Folks From the Biggest Church
    As She Was Poor and Required
    Free Lunch Passes to Eat Exclusion Hurt

    Her So Bad She Refused to Eat At School

    As It’s True Starvation is Equivalent to Exclusion

    For A Social Animal

    Like A Human Being

    When Real As We aRE Born to Be
    And True They Spit on me too The
    Same Folks From that Big Church for
    Being A Boy Who Dared to Smile in A Town
    Where if A Boy Dared to Smile They Would Be
    Threatened With Bodily Harm Literally As they told

    me Boys
    Are Not
    to Smile in this Town

    Yet of Course That Was in the Early 70’s
    to The Chagrin of Those Folks Who Have
    Grown Older in Their 60’s Like me People

    Who Are Different This Way Are Greater Accepted
    By Younger Generations Now And Sadly This Makes the
    Other People Older Sadly Even Angrier in Some Cases too

    Love Wins Eventually Fear and Hate Grows Old And Goes Away…
    Yet It’s Never To Late While Breathing to Let Love Be The Champion oF A Life for Real..:)


    • Every story of suppression repression, and inequality across the world is rooted in some form of bias which time is working on.
      It’s certainly
      sad to know and read such stories of the plight and suffering amongst family and friends.
      Like you rightly mention, fear & hate has to grow old too in time , and love wins … such is the circle of life .
      Towards better times…

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      • SMiles Dear Savvy
        FRiEnD So Much
        Of The LiGHT Of
        Me Now
        In The DarK
        i Suppose it’s
        Like Big Bangs
        Birthing New UNiVerses
        Super Nova Explosions
        Crucible Fire of Star Death
        Creating Gaseous Dust
        Iron FLoWinG In Our
        Blood Streams
        And At
        Of Earth
        Our only Home
        We Evolve on Yet
        Still Star Seeds And
        FLoWeRS We Continue
        To Bloom From Dying

        mY FRiEnD
        A Stellar Path
        Out Of DarK inTo
        LiGHT Neither Fearing

        Or Cynical
        oF LiGHT
        Star Children
        We aRe With
        Cosmic Wings
        STill Flying Toward

        Our LiGHT🌟🙏


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