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A Cup Of Cheer


Someone the other day asked me, are you a coffee or tea person.

I wonder…

All my life so far, have never been a coffee or tea person.
But of late I am sensing what a cup of steaming hot goodness can do for my spirit.

It’s not a tea or coffee that I want,
Its a cup of cheer, that soothes me and rejuvenates me .
Sure its not a habit so far , but it certainly good to pause every once in a while and take a sip and sense the world a little bit more in time.

My favorites …

I love the plain old ginger lemon & honey tea. Or even like a herb/ spice infused cinammon tea!

As for coffee very rarely, I enjoy the aroma of filtered South Indian coffee.

But the reason I drink a cup of goodness and what I would want most is…

Something that warms my heart
Something that sweetens my thoughts
Something that allows me to pause
To rest a while to gather my self.

What about you?
Are you a coffee or tea person?
Do you need it as your morning wake me up?
Do you have a craving for tea or coffee?
Do share if you are fond of coffee or tea & why?


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

17 thoughts on “A Cup Of Cheer

  1. For me morning, afternoon 0r evening coffee is a slow down drink.
    Taking time to find the equilibrium we all seek
    For me more to be desired is what coffee allows use to achieve
    An a semblance of peace of understanding or
    Maybe even a drop of wisdom from the days duties
    Set your mind and live your life by smelling the coffee

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  2. SMiles i Kid
    You Not My
    Wife Won’t
    Let me (NONE)
    Have Coffee
    Or Tea With
    Caffeine As
    She’s Afraid
    i Might Get



    Across The
    Moon Soar
    Beyond the
    Stars After


    By The



    Landing on
    Earth Again
    With Epilepsy

    She Depends
    On me To Drive

    i Love
    Her So i
    Don’t Do
    Yet It’s True
    In A Never Ending
    Story i Almost

    Never Land

    Unless i’m
    Driving “Mrs.
    Daisy” to

    The Store
    To Take
    Flight ✈️
    In Dance

    Once Again
    With SMiLes

    Happy Tea
    To You
    In Weekend
    Pleasure Ease😁💫

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  3. I’m a coffee person. But I’m starting to drink more tea and chai lattes! 😀


  4. I like to start my day with lemon and water, but I enjoy finishing my meal off with a little coffee. Otherwise I do find tea comforting but I think it’s really just the ritual of making a hot cup of something… It can be green jasmine tea, rooibosch tea, spice tea or Ceylon. I find the ritual of making the tea calming and inspiring especially if I am alone.

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  5. this is the second one of yours that has really resonated with me.

    When I feel under the weather – I have that additional cup of tea in the evening – it is so soothing.

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  6. we will blend a new blend
    to make a blend 4 centuries old
    yet not known in the world today

    To bring flavors alight
    To open the senses
    add newness

    To pressure the rocks
    that they may bring forth
    flavors unknown


  7. I am most definitely a tea person.Nothing beats a hot cup of adrak elaichi chai in the winter mornings!

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