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Food matters


Reflections on food

Do you live to eat or eat to live?

I must confess I am no foodie,never carried any food fixation so far. Never craved too much for any particular food. Perhaps an occasional sweet treat was all I indulged in. Much to my surprise today I see a generation of food lovers around me who perhaps are growing in numbers as write this .Many of my friends bake amazing treats, some love watching food videos and others chocolate.

Children today are spoilt by choices more than ever before . And with the media at their fingertips most are happy to order and eat whatever food they want by the click of a finger through apps.

Food to me was to nourish my body and keep me healthy. As I grew up I realized even more the value of eating nutritious  clean and healthy fresh food and at the right time.

Concepts of eating, then and now has drastically changed. People are ready to eat convenience the touch of a button. Many want food delivered without the hassles of preparation.

No one has interest in conversations much. With a food of their choice delivered to them wherever they are, and a mobile phone in their hands convenience has reached a new high.

Family dinners were a place where all used to connect with  each other … Now they are quieter affairs with every one glued to their phones and television.

In fact the concept of eating together is slowly vanishing. Most people eat watching  a movie on Netflix  or a sport on television.

Today life moves at a much faster  pace where time is a precious commodity.
Changing times calls for major alterations  and adjustments  in lifestyle  choices.

In knowing  to strike a mid point  where both the palate and the plate gets a healthy makeover says much about the necessity for change in today’s times.

True happiness is an inside job and what is felt within reflects on the outside.

So what is important is that one develops and sustaining a good relationship  with food in life, rather than abusing the body with too much or too less of it.

For it is after all a matter of food and food matters much.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

12 thoughts on “Food matters

  1. your posts are always to the point. what you said is so true. nobody looks at anybody nowadays, all happens with a fingertip. your words are true!
    food is food!

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  2. Well said 😊👍👍👍

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  3. Now a days, the palate is what needs to be nourished well…pampering it with a click is nothing short of its demise..

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  4. My 15-yr old daughter recently started an instagram account called with a friend of hers. I’m thrilled that she has decided (all on her own) to focus on making and promoting healthy meals that are beautiful to look at and nourishing for her body. She spends more time making her breakfasts and lunches than I do and is usually consuming a more nutritious meal in the process. 🙂

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    • Good for her and you.😘 So glad to read this ❤. Beautiful to connect with food in a healthy and organic way and even more so when your own child has chosen this way. Much love to her and you . Our world needs more of such healthy choices. ❤👍❤

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