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The Divine Touch


A fine piece of art

Has the soul of the artist

Embedded within it forever.

A poet leaves his soultraces

On his poetry

For they evoke his hearts imagery.

Like a writer leaves his hearts imprints

On the story

With his personal take on life.

The painter paints a picture

But emotes the scene

Etched deep in his heart.

The dancer graces the space

With gratitude

From the freedom in the spirit of movement.

The musicians hand creates

With artistic abandon

Signing every piece with his soul.

And in the letting go

Of the creation at hand

Without personal attachment

Marks the path of discovery

Of the value attached

In every part to the whole

For then the art

Breathes life unto itself

To inspire some more.

As it is left bare open

To be shared and seen

In the ever expanding horizon

And in the trials & tribulations

In the making, it knows

It is blessed with the divine touch.

Often as artists there is much at stake ingrained individually.

But to move beyond these narrow means is an awakening to the arising and ever expanding horion of truth in its infinite potential. And that is what gives the shape of things to come.

To see beauty in creation is to know its strength and weaknesses as they are …

knowing it is the divine creators touch that makes it unique even in its very falliability.

No matter then, the elements the energy chooses to express with… for in the very enterprise of creation is a divine transcendence.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

13 thoughts on “The Divine Touch

  1. Wow! This is so powerful. i have often felt conflicted about writing and posting in public – wondering if i am pandering to my ego and letting go of my sacred solitude. But i realize that the words that come, actually are not from me – but some place in heaven – so i let go and just write….your post helps me so much – making sense of this mysterious process – of creating with our Creator holding our hands/feet/mind 🙂 Thank you Savvy! 🙂

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    • Yes I truly relate to what you have shared here. At times creative elements come together like a force of nature and you are simply a willing witness partaking in the process with sheer wonder . The moment we let go enough to trust in ourselves, we are asserting our trust in our maker, and we experience the miracles of lifes infinite potential work through and around us.
      We are only human and conflicts of thoughts are how we evolve towards our purpose of being … all we need is faith in the divinity within us all.

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  2. A wonderful play of words..for a piece of art is worship for any artist..and its truly the art that makes everything so alive around..😊

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    • Thank you for your kind words of appreciation my friend. Yes I do agree with what you have shared here about art … making everything alive around .
      Art is an expression of life and living .
      To appreciate art in any form is an appreciation of the infinite manifestations of creative potential called life.
      For Art is a bless of life and life can be a bliss of art.

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  3. Wonderful piece of writing savvy.. Every individual has his/her touch in the making.. the art of an artist..

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  4. Exceptional share! You touched my soul! Thank you!❤️

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  5. Wonderful piece you wrote! This is ‘what is’ from our perspective… all in known realm trying to experience all that in unknown realm! Life goes on…

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