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​Nothing more nothing less.


Nothing more nothing less.

In  a world of assumptions and perceptions

In a world of make believe and gratifications.

In a world of  false notions and proclamations.

In a world of judgments and contradictions.
It helps ever so often

To invest in our precious time.

To center our wavering thoughts

To balance our movements

To still our restless spirit

To calm our frayed nerves

To choose our own words.

If only to realise we are

Nothing more nothing less.
As we are truly in it all together.

Connected cells as different entities.

We are all made of the same matter

And all is a matter of  energy.

Nothing more nothing less.
In seeing beyond the sheaths of skin.

In peeling of the layers of conditioning.

Moving flowing blending converging.

Sense it if you will, with a subtlety of being.

Nothing more nothing less.
What we speak can become our truth.

What we project can be our destiny.

What we assume become our realities.

What we think is perhaps who we are.

Nothing more nothing less.

Savvy Raj

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

11 thoughts on “​Nothing more nothing less.

  1. Brilliant composition of words Savvy and creative writing. Nothing more nothing less is the reality.

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  2. This is so inspiring and philosophical, thank you for sharing it 🙂

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