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A young woman was sitting at her dining table, worried about taxes to be paid, house-work to be done and to top it all, her family was coming over for Thanksgiving the next day. She was not feeling very thankful at that time. As she turned her gaze sideways, she noticed her young daughter scribbling furiously into her notebook. “My teacher asked us to write a paragraph on “Negative Thanksgiving” for homework today.” said the daughter, “She asked us to write down things that we are thankful for, things that make us feel not so good in the beginning, but turn out to be good after all.”

With curiosity, the mother peeked into the book. This is what the daughter had written:
“I’m thankful for Final Exams, because that means school is almost over. I’m thankful for bad-tasting medicine, because it helps me feel better. I’m thankful for waking up to alarm clocks, because it means I’m still alive.” It then dawned on the mother, that she had a lot of things to be thankful for! She thought again… She had to pay taxes but that meant she was fortunate to be employed. She had house-work to do but that meant she had her own home to live in. She had to cook for her family for Thanksgiving but that meant she had a family with whom she could celebrate.

Moral:We generally complain about the negative things in life but we fail to look at the positive side of it. What is the positive in your negatives?
Look at the better part of life this day and make it a great day”


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

3 thoughts on “Positive Thinking

  1. SMiLes Dear Savvy Tonight i Saw A Very
    Nice Woman Who Helps At the Local Dentist

    Office Sadly She Was Experiencing

    Arthritic Knees And Using

    A Motorized Cart to

    Get Her Groceries

    She Entertained The

    Idea of A Gentle Flowing

    Free Dance to Keep Her Body

    Parts Moving in Peace Away From

    Tension and Potential More Inflammation


    Her Child

    Doing Her

    Gifted Homework

    At The Store Was Spiraling

    Around in a Free Dance With No Lessons

    i Told the Friendly Mother See This What is Wrong

    With the World in Many Ways of NDD Nature Deficit Disorder

    Yes As We Tale Our Children in Work, School, Church, And Even

    Home Quiet Hands
    And Feet Do Not

    Move To Regulate

    Emotions and Integrate

    Senses to Generate Our Own

    Happiness Within Meanwhile

    A Teacher of Autistic Children Who

    Also Works There Asked About A Child

    Who Cried For Failing Math Lessons And i Said

    It’s Nice That He Cares Perhaps He Will Turn That

    Grief into
    in The Future as She

    Also Related He Carried
    A Baby Yoda Stuffed Animal

    With Him Around to Soothe His Nerves
    at 14 Years-Old and i Said Yes That’s His

    ‘Service Animal’ As He’s Learned to Generate

    The Anxiety and Pain Relieving Neurohormone

    Oxytocin By Device of Stuffed Animal Service Animal

    Yoda Yet of Course A Spiritual Stuffed Alien Instead With Smiles

    Same Essence

    of Neurohormone

    Remedy of Generating

    Warmth of Healing Love

    Within For Really Real As

    The Free Spiraling Dance

    in Flow Does the Same to


    And Integrate
    Senses in the Gifted
    Child to Increase Cognitive
    Executive Functioning in Focus
    And Attention Span, Short Term
    Working Memory, And Long Term

    Memory Retrieval As Well Hehe Sort of

    Like The Action and Consequence of me

    Being Inspired By Your Post Here as i am

    FLoWinG in the Song Now Same As the Dance

    Flowing in Public Generating the Ability to Assist

    Others in Public in the Flow of Song Generating




    Within Free

    Hehe Another
    Day in the Life

    of RiSinG With Others Free

    Just to Come Away With me
    In Dance And Loving Song Free in Play..:)

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