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Wisdom in the waves

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To dare as much as to retreat
In the ebb and flow of life
Waves teaches us much!
To reach the pinnacle of success
Is one thing
But truth of nature is, it changes.

So the glory must recede in humility
Such is the way of balance.
There is no gain the holding on
There is grace in the letting go!
Such is the circle of life .



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

One thought on “Wisdom in the waves

  1. Understanding We aRe ALL Wave Yes
    Water Ocean Never Separate New Now

    Yes Always Unique As Each Wave Falls
    And Rises Free in Flow Dear Savvy With

    SMiLes Water Shape Ever Changing

    Ocean Whole

    Just Another

    Face of God
    SMiLing As
    Waves Dance
    And Sing Free
    As Ocean Rain
    Feeds Green of Us Spring
    Continues to Breathe From Fall

    in Winter
    Soils of Green
    Again All Our Trees Souls
    Our Leaves Our Forest

    ToGeTHeR AGain

    Summer FLoWeRS

    Year ‘Round For

    Those Who Feel
    Sense Bringing Our Stars
    Our Sun Within to BREaTHE AGAiN..:)


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