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The Gruen Transfer


The Gruen Transfer
The Gruen transfer is a psychological phenomenon in which an idealized hyper-reality is realized by deliberate reconstruction, providing a sense of safety and calm through exceptional familiarity.

In shopping mall designing…the Gruen transfer (also known as the Gruen effect) is the moment when consumers enter a shopping mall or store and, surrounded by an intentionally confusing layout, lose track of their original intentions, making consumers more susceptible to make impulse buys. It is named for Austrian architect Victor Gruen, who disavowed such manipulative techniques.
The Gruen Transfer is the few minutes after you walk into a store where the stimulus confuses your brain and hypnotizes you into buying more.

There is always a dark side to marketing advertising and sales … with the intention of luring customers to buy!

Have you experienced this feeling when you buy or go shopping at a mall?

Do share your experiences if any!

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

7 thoughts on “The Gruen Transfer

  1. Oh…. didn’t know about this tactic they employ to keep shoppers for longer hours.

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  2. Read it Savvy. Thanks for sharing this. Next time I step into a mall, I’ll remember this 😁

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  3. When I walk into a mall I want to walk right back out. I find them exhausting and I detest them!

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    • Yes Alethea I do feel likewise but also feel the reason is that inspite of the so called heady ambience, the amount of Emf/ mobile radiation would be an all time high in such an closeted airconditioned establishment than it drains our life force in just a while . Unfortunately here in some cities the traffic and pollution on the streets and the rising temperatures make it almost impossible to shop in peace … and that is perhaps the reason we end up going into it in the first place.
      Another reason is that many women and kids share that they feel a lot safer shopping in a mall than on the streets…
      Guess the Gruen Transfer doesn’t have to work too hard … as many are already ready and willing!😂😉

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  4. HUh, I never knew that. Thank you, Savvy for illuminating this. I tend to go to the mall to actually alter my reality sometimes, just to forget and transform to a different setting. Now I know that I was preconditioned to do so? Hmmmm


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