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Conscious Independence

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As we celebrate our Independence day in India, may we care to value the underlying philosophy behind the word Independence… the ability to voice our uniqueness and express our individuality amidst a global platform .

 Truly independence is a birthright that allows us to freely express ourselves, but along with it, is a sense of responsibility, a duty to empower the within as much as the world .

Channelizing the creative flow of freedom of expression to positive outcomes for the larger good is a responsibility for every individual… it is actually the simple way to create a life of well being with in and around each of us and for the world at large.

   As we are after all an interdependent world even in our states of independence…. that to me is valuing and practicing Conscious Independence.:)

Happy Independence Day!

 May we always Dance the dance of independence and freedom.

May we tune ourselves to connect with joys in tandem.

May we always remember and value great souls lost in martyrdom.

May we acknowledge that the strength in the interdependence is never random.

May we always respect our roots and learn to follow our inner wisdom.

Savvy Raj






My  painting above titled ‘Wheel of Life ‘ is an attempt to depict the strength of Cohesiveness in the unity and  inclusivity in the empowering expansiveness of the interconnects.  Savvy


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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