Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!



Few thought provoking sentences that I read..

1: In a 2000 Sq feet house you live in 200 Sq feet; in the remaining 1800 Sq feet lives your ego.

2.The difference between “Time” and “Wealth”. You are always aware at all times how much wealth you have but you are never aware at any time how much time you have.!!!

3:In a book store lie both the Holy Gita and the Koran. They never quarrel with each other. ..The ones who fight in their name are those who have never read them…

4:A true friend is one who tells you the truth which may hurt like salt on a wound; those who speak sweetly are only sycophants. It is a known fact that salt never spoils but sweets spoil very easily.

5:Science claims that when hurt is inflicted on the tongue it heals very fast! Wisdom says that when hurt is inflicted by the tongue it never heals…