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Spectre of brilliance


Spectre of brilliance

Spectre of brilliance
An opera in the sky
A dance of dazzling lights
Of colours flashing through.

Luminescent beyond compare
Magical spectacle of brilliance in the flow
An undulating waltz in the yonder
An unveiling of earth’s myriad wonders.

Such an ethereal vision
Mystical northern lights
Unbelievable, unforgettable
Awesomeness beyond mere words.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

5 thoughts on “Spectre of brilliance

  1. Thank you very much, dear Savvy 🙂

    I love to see the polar lights, Aurora Borealis and see them here, in Finland, every now and then – it is really like a dance of light along the night sky, a light-symphony that touches every heart. When seeing them, I am like a small child with my mouth open, watching the miracle in front of my astonished eyes.

    Thanks for sharing, dear Savvy and have a great weekend
    Love and polar light to you 🙂

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    • Thank you dear friend for your insights on this spectacular dance of the sky . Great to know you enjoy it too.
      Although I have yet to see this dance in real time, for a long time now, I have a profound sense of being there already. Don’t know why or how it has been so. Perhaps someday I will visit and understand more 🙂

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      • Unfortunately, the polar lights are not always to be seen, it depends on the solar winds, electromagnetic storms from the sun – when they are strong enough they hit our magnetic earth-field and discharge at the North and South pole – Once I was in Svalbard which is an Island group about 1000 km northwards from North-Norway in the Ice-Sea – there you can see them more often or in Lapland, or Iceland, Greenland, North-Canada and some places – also in Alaska one may see this light spectacle. In Finnish Lapland there are hotels which have a transparent roof – so while lying in bed you can watch Aurora Borealis – really great, but a bit expensive.

        All the best, my friend

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