Savvy Raj

Live Life Lovingly!

Walk in this now…


Walk in this now in time
Tune into its current frequency
Listen to it gratefully
And live it well and wholeheartedly.

Allow the worries to fade into the past
As you cannot worry for what is gone
Allow the future to manifest in course
As you cannot hurry time by force.

All is fine as it truly is
All is well as its meant to be
In the realm of times
Between the you and the me.

So as only time can truly tell
Walk with me
Not before and not after
Walk with me in this now.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

4 thoughts on “Walk in this now…

  1. Tuning Into The MuSiC oF LiFE
    Yes Dear Savvy Listening to the
    Frequencies Vibrations Synergies of

    Energy Head to Toe As A DAnce Of Life
    Makes A SonG oF Life THiS WaY ALWaYS

    Changing EternAlly New Now How Beautiful Life

    Is Now When THere is MuSiC Accompanying

    Within For Every Move of
    Dance Word of Song

    Indeed A Higher Force
    oF LoVinG LiFE Within

    Of Course Dear FRiEnD
    Not Everyone HEaRS ‘The MuSiC’
    And When They Do THeir Unique
    Dance And Song of THeiR MuSiC

    Within Will Color THeiR LiFE
    Much Differently Than Mine
    However That Just Makes

    Life More WoNDerFuL iN
    Awe Exploring Everyone’s

    MuSiC Within Coming to See
    And Hear THEiR Unique MuSiC (God) to

    Be A Symphony RiSinG to Dance Again WiTHiN
    WHeRE the Conductor is Inside Outside Above
    So Below All Around Really Impossible to Miss ‘The MuSiC’ NoW..:)


  2. My heart desires to live
    In the midst of the now

    Time after time
    My knee will bend

    Give me understanding
    Give me strength

    So I may abide
    In your state


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