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Second standard teacher started writing tables on the blackboard.
The whole class started laughing as she started writing because the first line was written wrong.
1×9=7, ❌
2×9=18, ✔
3×9=27, ✔
4×9=36, ✔
5×9=45, ✔
6×9=54 ✔
7×9=63 ✔
8×9=72 ✔
9×9=81 ✔
10×9=90 ✔
The teacher was waiting patiently till their laughter stopped.
I know, I have written the first line wrong. I wanted to teach an important life lesson on how this world will treat you.
I have written 9 lines correct here. None of you noticed that. But you all noticed the one line which was wrong and started laughing at me.
This is how the world will treat you. Even if you do things correctly for a thousand times, none will notice or praise you.
But when you go wrong even for one time they will notice and start criticising to ridicule you.
But you all should never get discouraged. Instead put your full effort to stand tall and firm in front of those who laughed at you, criticised you, or ridiculed you.

Another translation by my mother Anjana from a tamil forward

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “Life lessons

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  2. SMiLes Dear Savvy Every
    Turn in A ‘Wrong Direction’

    Is A New Potential Path

    To Open Up New Dreams

    of Life And Making Wrong

    And What is Left Before Right

    Dreams Never Imagined Before
    It’s True Living With the Worst
    Pain Known to Humankind with
    19 Other Life Threats in Synergy
    of Misery And Suffering For 66 Months my Sister

    Then Suggested i Start A New Chapter of Life

    Yet There is Some Pain And Numb Where

    All You May Possibly Find in Relief is Greater

    Memories of Gratitude of Only Memories with SMiLes…

    Yet Sadly Emotions Are Memories And Memories Are Emotions

    When That is Gone

    There is No Reference

    Point to Return Until

    Some How Life Comes

    Back and We Become Reborn Again

    And Then Indeed A New EPiC Door of Story
    May OPeN Up Once Again As the Old Room

    of Hell


    A Heaven
    No Longer
    Spoiled Eternally Now to
    BREaTHE Once Again Free..:)


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