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Black & White 1



A superimposition
Of the colours of life
A definition of density
A notion of authority
Of fear and formality

Deemed to be elegant
And ultimate sophistication
Yet powerful and reserved
Sometimes it denotes danger
It is an absence of colour
Yet gives depth to all colours.

Black is known to hide the obvious
An achromatic colour without hues
Known to absorb than let go.
Its deep dark and mysterious
Can be restrictive and restraining.

Often not just worn for style
It protects from interference. Perhaps it helps to retreat behind black
When facing a tough time in life
Life a personal crisis or illness.

It then becomes an anchor
In support that gives time
To heal as it protects with its opaqueness
And helps bridge through
The deepest insecurities.

Stark truth reveals
The darkest of dark
Unseen matters of energy
Exists in understanding
The yet unknown.

For every presence
Has a reason to be.
In the flow of life
Darkness and light
Play their valuable parts
As black and white.


There is an intriguing and enigmatic aspect in black. Is it because of its intensity to capture attention? Or is it because it has the ability to bring forth and define anything and make a statement. The above thoughts are an ode to all the shades of life in the making.

In this two-part series, I explore Black and White consecutively and its strength in interconnectedness…What are your perspectives? Do feel free to share.

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

20 thoughts on “Black & White 1

  1. வண்ணங்களின் கலவை வானவில். வார்த்தைகளின் கலவை உன் அழகான கவிதை.இரண்டுமே அழகு. வாழ்க வளமுடன்.

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    • Yes indeed!!! Black is beautiful … though your comment reminded me the beautiful and majestic horse on the cover of the amazing book Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

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      • Yes, i remember that beautiful horse, the importance of being kind to everyone, particularly to the helpless animals in the front of humans with specialised equipments for killing! I love horses, particularly my fascination never stops at the way it can catch people unaware in the game of Chess!

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  2. Though the topic is Black and White it creates array of colours.My favorite color is white but l respect Black a lot.

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  3. …Black & White, two opposites, scientifically one represents a multitude of all existing colours (the white), other just a lack of all colours, so it’s not really a colour (the black). But together, like in a photography, they make wonders, exposing the best out of every possible motive. The best photographers in the world say that black & white photos are the best to show the origin of a motive, the truth behind the picture, the essence of it.

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  4. Beautiful dear Savvy 😊❤ I love both black and white. I feel both as majestic colors and compliment each other

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  5. 🤗

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