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​Notions in Nostalgia 


Black and white photography 

An art form for a connoisseur

Aesthetics  of understanding

Of  the clarity of line

That plays hide and seek 

So much resemblance

 To the wisdom of time.

In seeking is the blending 

Of reflections dissolving 

Ever so hard to pin down 

Faded visions  blurred memories 

Reminding of colour through our senses

Perspectives differ in the past recalled 

Comparisions translucent in the semi presence.


An important feature 

Are the shades of grey 

Areas masked and marked,

Blurring to focus 

Uncaliberated and undeliberated 

Between the lines  

Adding enigma 

Surreal feelings 

A take back in time

Of notions in nostalgia.

Savvy Raj 


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

13 thoughts on “​Notions in Nostalgia 

  1. Are you a photography connoisseur? The pictures which you have used in this post are nostalgic and evoked some of my past memories when we used to visit my granny’s home. All this is treasured memorabilia.

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    • Totally likewise about the pictures … the memories are of those times indeed … the gramaphone , the swaying of the coconut trees in the shimmering moonlight.
      About photography … well havent explored much technically as yet … although at times the aesthetics of a great photo capture appeals to my sensibility to evoke a verse or two.

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  2. Beautiful pictures must say nostalgic memories, Savvy and a beautiful poem, such great words penned.

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  3. Have your made some changes in settings to your blog? why comments are not open for my posts on “Reader”


  4. The settings are the same …. no change from my side. They are manifesting on reader.


  5. Loved the pictures 😀

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  6. That pictures and lines made me nostalgic. Beautiful!

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