Savvy Raj

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Mastering Thoughts


Thinking is a gift of humanity

Beyond the primal instincts

Thoughts can be a complex maze

Self serving or otherwise

It is necessary to align thoughts

So that they don’t turn chaotic.

Channeling thoughts to align

Towards a higher purpose

Bridges the pathway to peace

So can we truly master our thoughts?
Often considered daunting in itself

For we are swayed by a zillion thoughts,
In every moment we are alive.
But if we begin to understand
That mastering is about integrations
It’s a connection of our senses.
In managing our mind moods & actions.

The simple act of choosing
One thought over the other
Is a choice we have with us.
We are our own masters
We are enslaved by own selves.

Our life is created in these choices
We choose to think and make.

Mastering thoughts is the challenge…

That decides how we choose to feel
Yet if we only let ourselves tap
Into our intuitive intelligence

We will find our inner guide
That is always on our side.



Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

2 thoughts on “Mastering Thoughts

  1. Indeed Dear Savvy Yes
    Even As Science Shows
    A Synergy of All Our Feelings
    And Senses All Our Emotions

    EXPReSSinG From Head to Toe
    Preceding Almost All Our So-Called

    Rational Reasons For The Be Causes

    oF LiFE

    Yes New Now Regulating
    Emotions Integrating
    Senses With Dance
    And Song Free More

    Positive Thoughts Will
    Naturally FLoW iN SonG

    Afer A Free Dance THiS Way
    As It’s True Anthropologically
    Dancing Singing Dance is Actually

    Our Longest Loving Living Language

    All Of Nature Moves We Really Can’t

    Afford to
    Sit Still
    And Lose
    A Dance Truly
    BRinGinG A SonG
    oF LiFE HuMaN Energy Head
    To Toe and More in Balancing
    Force Yes Loving LiFE NeW NoW..:)


  2. To choose and then to serve through the choices


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