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Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

7 thoughts on “PATIENCE

  1. True words so well written, Savvy and Patience is they say the Mother of Virtue too.

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  2. Lovely words.

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  3. Of all the soft skills that is being dolled out to youngsters these days, Patience is something which is never advocated or thought of being imparted. Over the last 3 decades of working life, I have realized that among many other skills, talents and knowledge that one may possess, Patience is something which needs to be practiced. Just as one eagerly waits for the monsoon to arrive, or the winter to approach, one needs to have patience in expecting results of all our actions, personal or professional. Everything comes only at its designated and destined time and we all know the old maxim ‘Haste only makes Waste’. Just as faster breathing wont elongate our lives, on the contrary Yoga teaches us that slow breathing brings in lot of relaxation and peace. Similarly patience rewards us with the best things in life. Lovely, small but wisely said Savvy Raj. Beautiful.

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    • Ashok Subharao. You speak my thoughts exactly on the need for introducing, imparting and inculcating the practise of patience as a life skill in our education system.And learning to breathe easy is a fine start to tuning into the art of patience.
      Heartfelt thanks for taking the time to read and appreciate this post eloquently.


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