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Shakthi: The Potential Abundance

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Samsara  By Savvy Raj

 My above Painting Titled :  Samsara   The ever turning wheel of life.   My dedication to  every Divine Shakthi manifestations in and around us .

Shakthi is the  power of empowerment. A cosmic energy  embedded in a life,  which is all pervading, without which there is only void . It finds itself when ever need arises and it manifests as energy in its most potent creative state  A personification of divine manifestations as Goddess in Hinduism Jainism and Buddhism  .

It is expansive and inclusive in its sphere of consciousness beyond competitiveness representing  the feminine principles. Femininity  is bestowed this  instinctive  cellular awareness to life  with the ability to  transcend , to understand the wholeness of the spirit , the unity in the awareness of interdependence of the interconnects . May be in  time and in the so called scientific  progression through the ages  has made way the natures sense of connect  with our self  because of the gadgets of convenience which  also interfere with our fields of energy .Shakthi energizes matter to creation. The wisdom is knowing it is not separate but one with matter .  

It is important to include the wisdom of the power of feminine  that endows and empowers the spirit to unite with matter.It is time to acknowledge the treasures within  to bring to the conscious awareness of the strength within.  Scientific temperament needs the empowerment of the mystical quality of the feminine will to find solutions to problems that science alone cannot solve as science doesn’t have all the answers .

To entertain an age of light in our hearts and let it permeate through our realms of existence, the core energy  must be spirally entwined and as it charges itself into movement it seeks outward expression and manifestations in all its creative intensity . The potential emanates in the spiraling and new possibilities are born along with new challenges  and solutions that  evolve  in the path before it all returns back the the center. The empowering spirit of the feminine is a dance in its most divine nature and sacred beyond compare, Shakthi  also embodies the wisdom of light in every cell of our bodies . It speaks and listens in on the souls light and knows to reach out to connect to the other  in that light . So it is important to see it as a tool of positivity, of benevolence  in use of the  creative spirit, an ability to attune to wisdom and knowledge inspiring spiritual growth and transformation. As and when required possessing the ability to raise energy enough to destruct the negative egoistic power plays to protect and invoke peace at will.

“Shakthi is a consciousness of abundance  in the flow of faith and creation. Care then, to awaken the love and light of  abundance within  and dance with the spirit of oneness in the abundance.”.Savvy

Savvy Raj


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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