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Us Beyond The Mine !

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Us Beyond The Mine !

 The Learning in the Sharing Part 2

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  ‘Happiness is in every step you take.’Savvy Raj.                                                                                           With the kids at the School for the Visually Impaired Children.


I went to teach these kids in my spare time
And came back with learnings for a lifetime .

I went there with a dance lesson to impart
And I came home with a gladdened  heart

I reached out to hold one hand today
And I was surrounded with tiny arms in sway

I shared with them some fun and glee
And I got in touch with the spirit of dance in me

I understand they may not see my face ever
But their memories are now my hearts  treasure

These are a few children in the circle of love
Who cannot see but live happily in the now

For them time is in the sound they hear
Before you arrive they can sense you near

Life is a vision they imagine and sense
Their every movement is real without pretense

They have their insecurities loud and clear
But its  their spirit of resilience that makes them dear

Every step in their way is a test of skill
But they march on with steel in their will.

Their light rests within them
As if guiding their path in tandem

Dancing  a cha cha  with no shoes to wear
Is unimaginable to the elite dancer

But  well that’s just how they truly are
Hope to work around and bring them on par

With a song on their lips and the beat in their heart
I envision them dance as they are, for a start

And as time moves on, to cha cha they will train
And write I will , about them again

My earnest writing will find a sponsor
And my prayers for them will get an answer

May be shoes may come to support them some day
But dance  we will to swing and sway !

I hear some twenty pairs of dancing feet
I listen to the sounds  of their cha cha ing sweet

It does not matter if they perform later
A few more life skills is what they will  master

With simple step is the joy in harmony
With songs to help in sensing the synchrony

With  sounds of  beats  acknowledging the interconnectedness
With  the rhythm that tunes with the  inner consciousness.

As the art of partner dancing can teach lessons fine
Of the world of ‘us’  beyond the mine ….

Yes I am grateful to interact with them upclose…
To sense the happiness that’s within us, if we chose!

Savvy Raj

This is an excerpt from my writings on The learning in the sharing Part 2….

”Sharing the Magic of movements  is a privilege and I value every workshop I have had the opportunity to conduct,  in deep gratitude for the learnings in the sharing.  Learning to Dance socially is helpful beyond just the entertainment values as it can help in rehabilitation of the body and provides vital tools for reconnection to the body and to the self. The general goals to facilitating our Dance for Wellness workshops besides the simple joys of learning Social Dancing are to help  individuals/ groups learning to dance feel stable and safe in themselves and with others, increasing self confidence and self esteem with a focus to integrate the mind and body connection using the power of Dance especially Partner Dancing…. ”Savvy Raj

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Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

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