Savvy Raj

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The Sea Knows….



The wisdom in the Synergy of Energy

The clear azure and turquoise sea gives this moment a sense of calm

to blend in with the beautiful view and transform.

The sand on the beach implores you to walk slow ….

to watch the wave as the cool winds blow.

To move with care, sensing the strength at bay

To see the precious gifts nature has strewn across your way…

In the sheer vastness of the sea , there is an expansive feeling

freeing us from thoughts that are limiting…

In its magnitude of balance is the value of equanimity,

in its raging fervour is a lesson to never underestimate its conformity

As in its very languor of liquidity

is the strength of solidity.

The Sea stays in place knowing to play the game of tides well.

Yielding to the crests , flexing in the troughs and delve

Into its mysterious depths to bring forth natures bounties from within.

Sea shares with every wave a new hope to begin.

Just as the sand shifts its patterns with every wave from the sea

life too bestows an opportunity in every change we see

Going beyond its complacent cool blue exterior… let us value the giving

and care enough to sustain its every drop knowing , in it is a universe that is thriving …

As the sea reflects the sky above there is a lesson in clarity and humility

That conformity and acceptance is not a weakness, but the amazing grace of Almighty …

Watch the horizon expand there is so much to know and do

The choice is in your hand ….

To dream lazing along the shores

To dance and surf a midst the waves or …

To dare to dive right in with the trust of a wisdom untold ….:)

Savvy Raj

Photography by Françoise Florence Perraudeau

Location (Perpignan. St-Cyprien South of France.)


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

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