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Strength in the Circle

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Strength in the Circle

There is great power in the strength of an expansive circle as it is so very inclusive and yet contained in its focus A circle is a symbol of focus within the fluidity towards a goal. The characteristic feature of energy in a circular motion is that the radius is fixed and only the angle moves as time proceeds. But what is even more significant is the force required to move the energy in the circular path itself arises from the connectedness to the core , which may be explained in physics as the centripetal force .

The energy that is equally contained in the circle is in the rotational energy of the circle .So it is apparent then that movements in circular formation has an almost connective quality ….And the momentum in every complete circle radiates these positive vibrational effects to expand to another circle.

Eastern philosophies have extolled the strength of the circle in the steady continuous movements with evenness of purpose and flow .These were in tune with the patterns of cosmic energy beyond physical dimensions.

A few weeks ago I had proposed a Circle of Care here on Linked in with a single intention of acknowledging the peace love and compassion in our hearts and allowing it to move beyond me or you and touch another . I received a variety of like minded people’s responses immediately and was touched by the way the energy passed on …. The idea behind inspiring another being with positive transformational inputs is so much more than about how many people were just latched on into that energy but how many moved with their hearts… as in that momentum, the vibrational energy of the purpose is born ! Every one of us have the ability to create the strength of the circle within us and it can start with movements in grace of connectedness to the powers within.

Every thought can be chosen to reflect a flow of hope and goodwill . Every deed that follows then will someway reflect that very thought and that would be the strength of the circle amplified .When there is harmony in our thoughts and the core intention within , Peace and Goodwill reigns in our hearts .

Savvy Raj


Author: Savvy Raj

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