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An interesting article by a fellow Linked in Connection caught my attention recently questioning which are the most dangerous companies in the world. A few years back I had been researching on the dangers of radiation due to mobile towers installed in residential areas … alarming facts came to surface indeed! And I realised that was just the tip of the iceberg! Ignorance, apathy and indifference are the root cause of many evils in todays society .

‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.’ Martin Luther King, Jr

Sharing my article I wrote a few years ago …

Touch a button and everything is downloaded or uploaded. Isn’t that the trend everywhere now, whatever the field ,this push button convenience seems to be taking over… whether it’s publishing, the kitchen, home front luxuries or travel or communications entertainment etc? This is convenience at its best where there is minimal or no effort and the result is plain to see whatever happened to no pain no gain …anyway I am not complaining here, hi techno gizmos you are most welcome !!

The thing that is a cause for concern is that with all this easy way of living that technology brings forth is that ,there is a paradigm shift in the thinking of the new generation of hi tech users who are so hooked up to these gadgets of convenience that they expect it to be so in all others areas of life too… The emotional, physical, personal aspects of life cannot somehow become machine like and that’s how it is seeming to be. Many are aware of their growing sense of inadequacies in mutual relationships. The lack of care and concern due to time, and work pressure is somehow seen to be adjusted and neutralized by hi tech gadgets in our households. So much that the person lets the products of convenience make up for his or her personal presence or absence in life’s situations and experiences.

Likewise if we observe as educators … most students are averse to listening and taking in information from another being as their attention span for personal real time communication is overridden by convenience of Internets chats and social networks and group calls so why bother. What happened to the human element of good old teaching ? Actually the educationists too prefer going tech savvy as they feel that they would be lagging behind otherwise. The issue for concern is larger than all these little details…. Gradually or otherwise machines have replaced humans in most spheres of life. The advent of machines is real and right there in front of us.

With every house in the city and even villages connected by Internets,there is a network of telecommunications system without any hazard control measure in place. In most of the developing countries the health standards and safety for mobile towers, radiations hazards in private personal and public spaces are totally disregarded. People seem to be more interested in getting the job done quickly… with lack of time stress levels are on a all time high and no one seems to be bothered if there are reports published once in a while by some concerned individuals about the dangers of radiations from all these devices of modern technology. The page is turned over with not even a response as no one seems to have the time. ‘ Let someone else to do the job or let’s wait and see if it’s really that bad or so far I haven’t experienced anything. So ‘why bother.’is the care a damn attitude prevalent across most sections of society.

Lack of empathetic responses makes us more and more mechanical in our approach and we seem to be losing the humane side of us. This is exactly what is happening on a large scale. People are growing indifferent and unapproachable, and self centered or on a agenda .

There are very few individuals who are not caught in this web of technology  and their numbers are dwindling…
It’s  time we wake up to core values or they  would be lost forever. An e -card will  wish you on your birthday and cake  and roses will be sent to you by post  but there will be no one to eat it with.  Just you and your gadgets how about it?

Savvy Raj


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

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