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Lessons from a Sunrise

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Lessons from a Sunrise

Spend a few moments watching a daybreak

So much lesson in there for you and for me

Just the simple presence of dawn makes the entire sky so bright

Lifting off the drape of the night with blessed light

The light dawns in moments unnoticed gradually moving across the horizon

Seeking to erase the traces of the darkness from the edges

It s pace is steady and its movements unhurried and consistent

Always on its path unmindful of the yesterday

It knows its purpose of being ….

To fill  light and brighten up the new day

To give hope and bring a sense of wonder to every day!

Let the power of the blessed light we have within break free

Let it surge and flow with the promise to shine some more

Allow the crimson anger pale into a shade of peach and blue

And let it ingrain the brilliance of the beautiful sky of blue

What is yesterday is over and done …

Let no traces remain

Spring with the lightness of being

Feel the glorious light of a brand new day enveloping you

Sing the sweet song of sunkissed hope

Enjoy this blessed dance of a brand new day …thats shining and new.!!!

 Savvy Raj 


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

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