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What is a Prayer ….

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What is a Prayer

A prayer is a conscious thought

A prayer is also a connectedness through  the spirit

 A prayer is a journey beyond the mere physical and emotional realms

 A prayer is a reminder of our source to access whenever, wherever …


A prayer is a shift in perspectives

 A prayer is a deeper look into the self 

A prayer is a reflection in positivity.

 A prayer is an innate tool towards subtlety

A prayer is a step towards conscious awareness

 A prayer is a bridge of acknowledgement

 A prayer is a bow of acceptance


A prayer is a trustful disposition 

 A prayer is a healing calmth in  despair and devastation

 A prayer is a joyous amalgamation to the divine within

A prayer is a call out in troubled times 

A prayer is within reach and beckoning

 A prayer is a helping hand from within…

A prayer is union of thoughts words and deeds

 A prayer is a foray into tenderness

A prayer is a poise of Grace 

 A  prayer is an expansion of the kindness of  the spirit

A prayer is the strength of the indomitable will

A prayer is an innate form of expression

 A prayer is a poise in humility

 A prayer is much more beyond the folded hands  bowing

A prayer is a Soul conversation 

 A  prayer is a meditation in action…

 A prayer is a realisation of the stillness of your being 

A prayer is a journey within the breath of life…

A prayer is a power of moving hearts 

A prayer is unity in the diversity 

A prayer is a grounding  in rootedness 

A prayer is a realisation of equanimity 

A prayer is a silence beyond the verses 

A prayer is a song from the heart

A prayer is a soulful dance in tandem with divinity 

A prayer is a thanksgiving in gratitude!

Savvy Raj


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

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