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Behold Nature




There is a delight in disorder.

There is underlying harmony in the chaos

There is joy in the un-calibrated.

There is peace in abandon.

A freedom to grow.


In the wilderness of spirit.

Untamed unshackled… Unrestricted unbound. 




There in that horizon beyond where the earth meets the sky.

  Find nature in its true form  In pristine glory.

There is abundance there is flow.

  An unravelled mystery…



Now Behold this!


Human deliberation!

A pretty sight to behold.

Perhaps a creative perfection

Of uniformity par excellence.

Of colours in a pattern. 

Arresting landscaping.


stone-21675_960_7202.jpgAn artist’s vision.

A work from the heart.

An engineering  of marvel.

Of outstanding technicality.


Structures the unstructured.





The ingenuity of man interweaving with nature.

Interspersing with creativity.

Flourishing fields.

A rainbow on earth.

Painstaking perfection.

Magnanimous task 




Cultivating  in collaboration

Perseverance and patience 

With teamwork and technicality.

Stupendous effort.

A heaven on earth.


A sight to behold!

Imploring you to feast your eyes on a visual treat! 

Savvy Raj


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Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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