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Dance of the Breath!

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In every breath inhaled

Let all that we  receive be in conscious evolution

Let every movement be a dedication

Let every word  be  in gratitude of  the receiving

Let every intake be a conscious offering


In every moment of pause  between the inhale and exhale

Let us invoke the divinity in the  connectedness

Between the  silence of sounds and soundlessness


In every breath exhaled

Let there be a letting go of the spurious  and stale

Acknowledging  the potential to evolve even  better for

As matter was or is, it will be forever more  …

Shaped in resonance of the thoughts that brings it forth in timeline .

The gaps the pauses the silence know its purpose for being … spaced out  in rhythm divine !


The Dance of Breath !


The beauty in every breath of life  is in its impressions in the expressions through the  tones , shades , in its  patterns, and rhythms. This sets it apart… such  is the uniqueness  to every breath in the being.

To know to love life  is to care for the  body that allows you to move and dance with this breath of life….

To know to kinder the spirit  and keep it free flowing is the nature of  a dancing soul.

This is being in the moment, to  be one with it in conscious awareness and acceptance  .

In every such gesture in conscious acknowledgement of the dance of the  breath.  

There is hope of betterment towards living life fine.

There is path to greater awakenings  in every moment of time  !


As a member of the International Dance Council UNESCO  I humbly dedicate my above post to the International Dance Day celebrated today  across the world  unifying  and strengthening the love for the art of movement .

My  above painting  is special to me as it reflects to me the value of our core connect to ourself as much as the power of the patterns of energy projections in the outreach.

All is one and one is all. Savvy  

Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

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