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A Prayer Answered

A Prayer Answered

In the bowing is a prayer answered

In the kneeling to the cosmic connects

Acknowledge  the grace that’s revered

And the blessings that protects…
Sense the touch of the angels around

Feel the flow of divinity in the haloed healing light abound…

Embrace the moments in silence and serenity…

Our body & mind knows what we need, if only we slow down and take the time to listen in . Moving in conscious connectedness increases mind body awareness . As a spiritual or healing practice…there is great potential in it to play a vital role in health and well-being. which is a result of moving as one unit, body and mind. It’s also quite possible to heal ones aches away. A headache, muscle soreness, joint pain often melts away in oblivion by bringing ones attention and focus on that particular body part and moving mindfully with awareness of our breath and channelling the energy of the breath . Likewise it’s also possible to become aware of actions which aggravate your conditions and back off and instead work on movements which make you feel better.

The same is also true for emotional pain. By bringing ones attention to what is emotionally hurting and moving slowly through space, allowing the body to lead the way, one often finds emotional pain reduces to a considerable extent. Layers of hidden emotional blockages and discontent can be peeled away with this awareness about one’s movements in the moments . Centering oneself consciously involves understanding ones place in space and being comfortable enough where one is and stable enough to be aware of ones edges and the surroundings.

Healing happens as a consequence of certain specific actions in time . At the same breath a word of cautionary suggestion Taking an example here …, just as it’s very challenging  to overcome  an unwanted habit  but quite easy to succumb to it again. Once you have moved in space and healed yourself off your problems do give a little thought to actions done without reflection as you wouldn’t want to be in the same tight spot which you have wrangled yourself out of with so much effort …right ?

So leave a mark of poised, beautiful actions in the monument of time in thoughts words and deeds and you will be consistently feeling twice blessed for sure.

Savvy Raj


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

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