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In the yonder the sun glistens ‘like gold ‘ And besides me are flowers in manifold hues of pink jostling up a treat of wonder and awe for my rapturous eyes.The green of the leaves envelop me in calm as I listen attentively to the rustling foliage …

It’s Dawn…. Beautiful light!

Daybreak You are a breathtaking Sight..

How I love the way the blue and white sky-sublimes your bright orange hues to a beautiful serene shade of cream and I watch in awe as it’s rippled undertones splashes delightfully across the mighty sky and the sea….and the river of the molten yellow glistening like golden lava….. tinting the Sea so sensually in all shades of the heaven and earth.

Indeed… A glimpse of heaven on earth!

Savvy Raj

The moment I saw this beautiful picture I felt so connected with it … and these words above just tumbled out of me …. just had to write it down !! Perhaps I felt so one with it … that I actually visited a place quite close to this in Southern Europe recently and I thought to myself… Dreams do manifest to reality … let’s always hope to dream beautiful dreams 🙂


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor

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