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What would you teach the child of tommorow?


What would you teach the child of tomorrow?

Teach tomorrows child
To co-exist and cohabit
To know that none can be an island for too long
Teach the ability to adapt and not just tolerance
Teach them how to cope with life’s changes

Teach them gratitude and thankfulness
Teach them to maintain the dignity of being
That life is to be valued and respected
Teach them, the value of empathy and love
Teach them compassion and kindness as a way of life.

Teach them humility is not demeaning
Teach them honour and integrity
Teach them resource management and
Teach them to share & sustain the world.

Teach them the art of self-management
The world is increasingly self-absorbed
Teach them manners to be social and civil.
For beyond the gadgets and convenience of modern living that help us thrive
There is a human out there who needs to survive.


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator, Writer, Artist, Designer, Wellness Mentor & Consultant

15 thoughts on “What would you teach the child of tommorow?

  1. My dear Savvy

    Thanks for sharing this important subject – our children are our future and as we want the best for them, we should learn from our own mistakes and failures we see in our present society and to teach them that we are all brothers and sisters in Him, no matter which religion or nationality we belong to. Violence of any kind (starting in our head) should not have any place in this teaching, love and give, help and share and care in harmony should be our motto in this teaching. Teaching of oneness, that we are not separated from our each other, but that we are all drops of the the Divine Ocean. Teaching them to learn to control our mind, that we are not a slave of it, that rich and poor get balanced (when the mind is no longer greedy and egoistic), that we help each other wherever possible, that new high values enter into our society such as: respect, tolerance, understanding, togetherness, unity, oneness, honour etc. packed in brotherly and sisterly love. Mass media should adopt the colour of positivity, instead of manipulating the people with sex, crime, lust, greed, anger, ego, attachment. This teaching I wish to come true for our next generations to bring a huge change into our world and societies.

    Thank you, my dear friend 🙂

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  2. You write so thoughtful! You are a blessed soul. We need more people like you!

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  3. 😊❤ beautiful words of wisdom dear Savvy

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  5. …I would teach them to know that true knowledge is the only thing that they will need in their lives, I would teach them to explore their creativity, to make their life full of imagination, to read good books, listen great music, watch fantastic movies, explore the wild nature, love everything that surrounds them, to be a sportsman and adventurist, to live the life of the intelligent, creative and innovative human being, to be altruists and pacifists. And what is most important, never forget to dream…

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  6. They will learn Manners and courtesy by doing chores with me, By doing chores with mother They will learn how to tune their ears and eyes so their minds can learn and remember…


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