Savvy Raj

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Illusions in the reflections 

Reflections in the stillness

On a patch of water

Reflections of sunlight

On a passing cloud

Reflecting colours

We humans have named…

The truth of clarity

Is the freedom in the uncertain

What seems to be, may not be

What is, may be not

What is apparent, may be invisible

What is assumption, may become a contradiction

Or simply delusions of our own imagination.

Or simply a clarity of illusions in the reflections.


Was watching the reflections of sunlight dancing on this patch of water on the window sill of my terrace one evening.  I was mesmerized by the fleeting cloud it had captured and its amazing colours that held my fancy for a long while…

Savvy Raj



On thankfulness

Wonderful word in every language  

Some expressions manifest abundance 

Remember to use them whenever necessary 

And it is often necessary as each cannot do without the other. We are all living an  interdependent life after all.

‘Thank you ”

 A thank you means a lot …

 A recognition of your action 

An appreciation of your effort

An acknowledgement of humanity 

An assurance of  a job well done

A gratitude of attitude in the being 

A sense of value of anothers deed 

A strength of goodwill  in our life.

An expression of politeness 

In the acceptance or refusal

Of the offer in question….
So today I take this opportunity to first of all thank my readers and friends who have supported me in my journey of writing  and continue to do so … I do believe our strength is rooted in these interconnects built and envisioned in wordshares. In fact many a times even though we may have never met we literally can trust ourselves in reading the person like a book… such is the power of a heartfelt share💙

  And secondly like I always say writing is a pleasure and reading is a joy I want to thank my fellow writers for their wonderful blogs, amazing contributions and inspiring shares. 

 So very thankful for this journey of ours as writers… A never ending road in creativity.

Savvy Raj 

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On Philosophy & Science

Philosophy speaks from the core of consciousness of life, with a penchant for understanding the wisdom of being. And natural science was simply born of a philosophy that speaks of predictions and evidence. Of reasons and proofs. But science is limited as scientific reasoning cannot justify all the knowing in the sensing, and in the intuitivity.

One is a a matter of sensing and knowing
Another a matter of proof of the existing.

I believe there is much to draw and understand for both from each other as both are integral to opening the doors of awareness in receptivity with respect in the strength of their interconnects. 

Savvy Raj 




The lady on the tree

In that center of placid calm stands an angel of hope and resilience

She has birds of hope surrounding her haloed presence

Be like the lady on the tree

In the stillness of the water…sensing your spirit feel so free

Climb the tree in the serenity of the calm and unwind

Bring composure to the cursory mind

Move away from the mundane

And feel more humane.

See the birds dancing by your side

Singing their sweet song of hope that will always reside !

Tread gently and softly move

In your journey as you find your groove

Climb that tree and rest awhile

Witness the water silently settle…

Renew your spirit and discover your mettle

Delve in the solitude seeking the clarity in the calmth  unbound

As in still waters… runs deep, the wisdom profound

Savvy Raj


On Thriving





When you care to strive for….

An open mind

A loving heart

A calm breath

A caring heart

A joyful spirit

A helping nature

A sense of self

A healthy body

A freedom to move

A trustful way

A thoughtful speech

A passion to live

A peaceful life….
Trust the universe to help you thrive all through…
Savvy Raj


There is a kind of hush

There is a kind of hush…

up in the mystical mountains nestled in the green lush

A fairy tale like feeling in this enticing place somewhere

An idyllic haven of blues and greens in the middle of nowhere

Speaks softly to that place in the heart that I treasure

It is abound with bliss and bounties of nature

Crystal clear waters reflecting the canopy of green

The falling leaves witness to this mystical scene

Glowing in the gilded light from above

Could only come from a place of true love

enveloped in a kind of magic that fills the air

Captivating and conjuring, beauty beyond compare

A view like this and I just had to share…

Savvy Raj


Chaos to Clarity

From the depth of chaos is a cry

When the spirit of living weakens.                                                    

The hearts unwavering faith to question why?                                 

That answers lie in this moment,arise to awaken.

Know the confusion is temporary

Just as noises are transient and momentary

While the reality may unsettle

Trust the self to align and resettle

 Seek the balance that  is the need                                                                      

Of this moment pay heed.

To de stress and displace

Every testing thoughts, as you bow to grace

And dare to move with times

See how Salvation  sublimes…

Broken spirits  in lieu

And mends hearts  anew

Just remember the light of being

Will always show the way of seeing

Just  a heartfelt  message                                                                                          

To send out hope to the world at large

 To trust and believe there is deliverance                                                           

Of care beyond the deepest torments

Of light beyond the darkest hour                                                                          

Of peace beyond the bloodshed and war

Of hope  beyond destruction amd despair                                                        

Just these mere words I share

As prayers to reach out with an affirmation                                                    

For life will ensure its resurrection 

Gloom will lift to glory                                                                                              

And melancholy will shift away.

As time turns its wheel beyond the pathos                                                                

To clarity beyond the chaos.

Savvy Raj

My Artwork above Concurrents is about an intersection of happenings around the world of the ravages of times ,the deluge and the disorder in our nature.

It is a message of trust in hope and goodwill that chaos will shift to clarity in time and faith in this circle of life.

A prayer for healing the hearts of the restless.