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Between friends

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 Between friends

Between friends … not for us the bondage’s of time, space or and superficiality or distance … thoughts are words unspoken but heard joyously without distraction. The simple presence of a friend is always welcome, never intrusive; thereby an answer to our unspoken needs without questions. It’s at times a validation of all that we stand for and often enough maybe just a forethought thrown in wisely in our direction which would be wise to be paid a heed to. A confidence builder, a care giver, a mutual thought processor, a symbiotic thinker, a common goal sharer, a wisdom enricher, a mood up lifter an energy booster, a health facilitator, a friend is so much and so much more … endless conversations completely whimsical, utterly important, at times all that’s the simple need of the moment .

In all ….having the privilege of a good friend is a conscious movement towards light and all that’s bright … Cheers to the good friend who manifests in our life and makes our living fine!

Just a thought that felt like it should be shared with the ones it came from …For the spirit and joy and the inner positive awakenings that the New Year signifies…Happy New Year. !!!. Lets celebrate the inner light in each of us !

Savvy Raj


Author: Savvy Raj

Dance Educator Freerange Artist Wellness Mentor

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